My desk

The living room has become my office in the last few years. Baskets of mail and bills lying around. My computer on the coffee table. My stationary and power cords in baskets and bins. Important mail lingered with junk mail.

I got the idea a few weeks ago that a very small desk would be a good thing to help me organize.

I walked into the local oak store the other day and there was the exact desk I needed! At $240 (much of it solid oak) I couldn’t pass it up.

So – here it is:

And the BEST part for a slob like me:

I now have my computer and all my chargers nicely put away. Medical bills get their own cubby. I went through baskets of mail and reclaimed things like the title to our van. I feel calmer just knowing that any important stuff now has it’s own cubby.

11 responses to “My desk

  1. Now THAT looks like a good investment. I need one too! Our desk is a mess, and having a laptop and mail bin in the kitchen has its cons too LOL. Good for you for getting more organized! – Myndi

  2. Looks great! I have a roll-top too and love it. 🙂 Although mine just stays open most of the time. LOL

  3. “Organization is next to Godliness” I always say….er….Well, it sure beats trying to be “Cleanly!”Hooray for you!

  4. 4 years ago, we bought a large oak roll-top computer desk (weighs a ton and a half!)and it is perfect! We also bought 2 tall filing cabinets that match, we’re currently using them as end tables, works great when you have limited space! We set up our “former” dining room as our computer center since the room was hardly ever used. We wanted the computer to be in plain view since the kids were still young. Being an organization freak, I love it when all is straghtened in my little world!Connie Hopkins

  5. That looks great. Roll top desks are instant class.

  6. Looks awesome and super organized!

  7. beautomous! what a great deal, too.I have great affection for roll tops. My Grandma had one.

  8. That is a really nice desk!! I need to get something like that for myself because our living room is my office as well.:-)

  9. You know what I love? The nice neat desk and the bottle of glue on the china cabinet. Ahhhhh, it feels like my house.Only my desk is a mess.xoxo

  10. If you have a desk in which the roll top can be closed, I don’t think you can call yourself a slob.

  11. I think everything should have a place (like a cubby) and everything in it’s place. However, my everythings seem to have minds of their own…..and are afraid of the cubbies prepared for them so nothing stays in their rightful place – when I am positive that I had put it in it’s place just yesterday!!!!!Love you desk – and here’s to someone who has the power to try to get organized!

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