Monthly Archives: September 2007


Scenes from an imprompto drive through the foothills on Saturday.

On the Edge

I have struggled with this from day one of being a stay-at-home-mom. There have been times when it has been better than others. Right now it is bad.

I NEED TO BE ALONE from time to time. I am occasionally alone in the car. On occasion I will run an errand by myself. I have church choir as “my” activity, but it is not alone time – just time without my family. I signed up for a bible study this fall. Lauren will be in the nursery. Still not what I need. Some friends and I are going to trade our toddlers on Mondays. It will be good – but still only twice a month for a few hours. Not going to be enough….

Sometimes when Lauren is napping, it is almost like I am alone – but I am still in charge of her and Luke is still in the house, working.

There have been periods of time that I have had scheduled, weekly, time to myself. I am so much happier. This lack of alone time is the worst part of my job. There are a lot of perks and usually they are enough to keep me going.

Only 2 more years until Lauren goes to preschool……

Big Hair

This one is for my friends Mina and Lisa. Mina and I were recently talking about this picture and I just ran across it. I can’t recall exactly when this was taken, but I am guessing around February 1988.

Got to love the hot-rolled hair. Oh – that is me on the left. I am just a *tad* younger.