Trying to fix messed up insurance claims is something I have always hated – doing it for your dead son’s medical bill – 1000 times worse.

Without going into too much dteail – the pathologist split from the hospital while we were in NY last year. So every single cbc he had between coming back and going on hospice is being billed to us from the pathologist office because the insurance company isn’t paying them – they are paying the doctor’s office and the lab, but not eh pathologist. Argggghh – not to mention this lovely line:

maximum yearly out of pocket – $1000
ytd out of pocket – $1691.45
YTD deductable remaining – $-691.45

Uh..duh! I am not paying more than $1000. Shouldn’t there be something in the code that prevents the negative amount or at least flags it?

Now – I have to go off to be around people and smile and make nice with people I may not know at dinner. So thrilled. I don’t even want to be around ANY people and I certainly don’t want to smile at them and be polite.

12 responses to “Insurance

  1. We’ve had much trouble with Blue Cross/ Blue Shield this year (of the 1/1000th as worse variety of course). Friends from church were having trouble that was starting to get serious and I referred them to a friend of mine who practices in a similar area. My friend told me that the day my friends contacted her she had another potential client being screwed by a non-paying insurance company.It seems like a pronounced increase in partial payments or non-payments by insurance companies to me. I’m coming to believe it is a systemic problem.

  2. Insurance. Now there’s a subject. I’m with you. Too much frustration here to say much more than Ooooooh.

  3. I hated dealing with the insurance company after Bella died. I got a bill from the ambulance and called them to see why insurance hadn’t covered any of it and they told me that they needed proof that it was an emergency. I told them she died, didn’t that seem emergency enough. They had me make the doctor from the ER who ‘prounced’ Bella call them to confirm it was in fact an emergency.I’m sorry you have to deal with things like this in the midst of your grief. I know all too well.

  4. I learned today that our insurance had actually done something right – and I celebrated simply because it is such a rare occurrence.I’m so sorry you are dealing with the headache on top of everything else.Beth

  5. Insurance sucks.I hope the food was good at dinner. What did you get?

  6. I can’t even imagine how difficult this must be for you. I just wanted to let you know I’m thinking of you and I hope this is resolved quickly.Hopefully your dinner went well and you got a change to relax.

  7. Ugh, so sorry about all of that! Hope dinner is somewhat enjoyable!

  8. (hug) (hug) (hug) i have been in your shoes fighting medical bills, and it is a long, emotional task. i wish you all the luck in fighting them. and (hug) for dinner – i hope you got to eat some good food.

  9. Yuck… I’m sorry that you’re dealing with insurance worries on top of your grieving. I’m hoping they get their act together soon. See you in choir tomorrow!

  10. WOW Susan I have heard how hard the insurance companies make it on cancer patients and families. How sad! They dont’ think you are going through enough I guess. (((HUGS))) Hope you are able to get it all worked out.

  11. There are so many INSURANCE COMPANIES but only few can be trusted. Look for an insurance that can be trusted and cost-effective.

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