Ten years ago today

16 responses to “Ten years ago today

  1. Happy Anniversary. You guys going out or anything.

  2. Congratulations!! May God grace you today and always. I hope you are able to do something fun to celebrate your love for each other today.much love– Katie

  3. That was a fun day. We all look so young…

  4. It was a beautiful day–except for my getting sick! Yes, Matt, you all do look very young.

  5. Happy Anniversary. It was a wonderful day and trip. Our first plane ride, too. Wow, Luke was only a year older than I am now?! I forgot about Mom getting so sick.

  6. Sending Happy Aniversary wishes from across the pond.Beautiful pictures, beautiful memories.

  7. I have the following comments:1. It is interesting to me that I now know what a cheap suit looks like, but I evidently I did not ten years ago.2. Kate’s tenth birthday is about five weeks from today, so Pat was just about eight months pregnant. Somehow, she didn’t remember that and was relieved when I pointed it out to her.

  8. Last year when you posted that I was shocked at how young you guys looked.I hope you guys got to celebrate in some way, even if it all you did was eat crap. Happy Anniversary!

  9. Wow, happy anniversary! Ours is Sunday!

  10. Ok I am a day late and a dollar short, but happy (belated) anniversary! Can you send me the pic of the three of us modeled after our prom picture? I’ve never seen it. I vaguely remember a drunken trip to Georgetown just in time for the bars to close…

  11. Dear Susan I am Joel’s mom, thank you for your comment 9-21-07. I am sorry to hear of your trial as well. I know… May the Lord help our mommy hearts!!!! It is such a dreadful disease. Last Sept. Joel was so healthy and in 4 months he would no longer be here. It is so incredibly hard. My only hope and encouragement has been through the scriptures. May the Lord give your family grace on comfort. Knowing and feeling your heart, Cindy Morris.

  12. Happy 10 and here’s to many more years together.xox

  13. Happy late anniversary. Sharon and I celebrated our 17th on Sept. 21st, the last day of summer.

  14. Congrats! 10 years is a major milestone for anyone these days!We celebrated our 28 on the 15th…..September is a great month for anniversaries!Know I’m thinking of you and praying that the next 10 years are easier than the first 10!

  15. Belated Happy Anniversary wishes!!!!

  16. Happy Anniversary!

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