Rocking chair

I recently took this picture of Lauren in the rocking chair in her room. I love the way she is looking at the camera and the way the light is coming into the room.

It made me have to look up this picture of Julia in the same rocking chair (a few months younger).

The picture of Julia really cracks me up. It is one of those baby pictures that I can look back upon and really “see” Julia in it. That is HER.

6 responses to “Rocking chair

  1. Oh my! That can not be Lauren!!! She is too big! That picture of Julia is priceless! LOVE IT

  2. Those two are too cute for words! Yes, that picture captures Julia’s spirit so well!

  3. I laughed too when I saw the picture of Julia. She is so joyful.That is a great picture of Lauren too-protrait size worthy.

  4. Those are awesome pictures! I cannot believe that Lauren is so big! Baby Julia definitely looks like Big Kid Julia. : – )

  5. All your kids look so much like each other – each one different and yet absolutely siblings! There’s some very strong DNA going on there…

  6. Look at Lauren’s hair!Susan that photo is technically, emotionally, everything beautiful! I love it too!The one of big sis Julia is hysterical. I love love pigtails on toddlers.

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