During the school year, our church has Wednesday night dinner and kids choir and adult classes.

Tonight we are starting back up and I think that is why I am just feeling nauseous. Nathan loved Wednesday nights. He loved to sing and loved to eat and always had a really good time. In fact – the picture is from last springs’s brochure and he is on the far left in choir practice. Tonight we have to go back without him.

We had signed up to be in a small group bible study on Wednesday nights and I just backed out (it was to start next week). The leader called last night to say it would be 12 people (yikes – a few too many for me right now) and that they would be meeting in the Parlor. The only time I have set foot in the Parlor was at Nathan’s memorial service. It was the place for us to mill around and wait to be walked into the sanctuary. I can’t stand the thought of being back in there right now! I just called the leader and she was very nice about it. There are other, large, classes for us to take on Wednesday nights and so we’ll just do that.

5 responses to “Wednesday

  1. I hope that tonight was okay for all of you…I hope you were able to enjoy the fellowship and time together.Thinking of all of you and continuing to pray for — Katie

  2. Thinking about you. ((((HUGS))))Jamie

  3. I prayed for you last night on the way home from Wednesday. I had my dd in the car with me, from her first choir rehearsal. It’s the first time for us to go together like that and I thought of you with much love.

  4. I hope last night was okay. I’m still praying for you and your family.(I have no idea how people make it through such a loss without knowing God’s love personally!)

  5. Keeping you in our hearts here too.Love,JimII

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