Big Hair

This one is for my friends Mina and Lisa. Mina and I were recently talking about this picture and I just ran across it. I can’t recall exactly when this was taken, but I am guessing around February 1988.

Got to love the hot-rolled hair. Oh – that is me on the left. I am just a *tad* younger.

11 responses to “Big Hair

  1. OMGosh What a blast from the past! How fun!

  2. Cool picture!!! I love the old stuff, its wild to see how much friends have changed as well as ourselves. 🙂

  3. The sweaters, the jeans, the boots – how high school!I probably have a picture of me that looks nearly identical – but I’m afraid my curls never looked that controled. Ah the curses of frizzy hair.Beth

  4. Great picture, Susan!

  5. Fun picture! Although I’m a bit older (almost 47) I remember my oldest daughter rolling up her jeans at the ankles! Oh my gosh, and stirrup pants, ballet slippers, baggy sweaters and New Kids On The Block! Yikes!Connie

  6. I love it! I think its great that you guys are still so close still! 😉

  7. Dude! I *LOVE* your hair!!

  8. Impressive hair. I think you trump Luke’s. Now, if he’d used curlers . . .Oh, the waves of recollection. Hard to believe how long ago that was.

  9. Lisa said. . . FYI: this picture was taken at high school youth group SNOW CAMP!!! Susan and Mina came with all the usual beauty implements and as you can see, the result is stunning. I don’t even think I took a blowdryer, figuring I could snag one off them. But even when NOT living out of a dufflebag, I never had the big hair. Snarled, yes; limp spiral perm, yes. But my ultra straight hair never liked to be messed with, and for me “body” meant not brushing it, and “volume” meant lots of hairspray. SO, I never achieved the exquisite coifs exhibited by Mina and Susan. And I had WAY more fashion taste normally; did I mention this was at SNOW CAMP? ; )Thanks for posting the photo, Susan. It makes me want to call old friends!

  10. I have this photo in a frame on my bookshelf in my bedroom (I’m the one in the middle). Oh the days of big hair, I think I wanted six kids at the time… I don’t think we even got into trouble on that trip did we? Unlike the canoe trip where we tested even the most loving of youth group leaders. hehe “Day oh…. daaaay oh, daylight come and me want go home!”

  11. Such a beautiful picture and might I add, I never was able to have such gorgeous, full, curly locks. **jealous** =)

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