Making ourselves do things….

We spent the past weekend with my brother’s family up in the mountains. We were really waffling about going. It was one of those things that sounded fun, but in our depressed state also sounded like a lot of effort.

But – we bucked up and went. We had a really good time. Nathan loved it there – so that was hard. What else is new, though? Everything without him will be hard at first. It has already been four weeks.

Funny thing how life just goes on, no matter what.

5 responses to “Making ourselves do things….

  1. Oh, I love spending time in the mountains! I’m glad you were able to go…(((HUGS)))

  2. Hi Susan,I’m glad that your family was able to get out together. I’m sorry it was difficult for you thinking of Nathan. I’m sure he was there with you, even if you couldn’t see him.Jaime

  3. I’m glad you guys did buck up. :)I’m not sure if everything will get easier, but I hope it does a little.xoxo

  4. Glad you had a good time. The mountains are so beautiful and peaceful. I am sure Nathan was right there by you the whole time! (((HUGS)))I still have something for you and the girls, so we need to get together soon.

  5. It does. It was one year ago, on the 3rd. Every day, I miss Ardis and ask God to please give her a hug today for me.

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