Nathan tribute

Someone who I do not know, made this video about Nathan. She (or he but I am guessing she) has made other videos of other neuroblastoma kids.

It is kind of hard for me to watch. I have “hidden” those pictures on my hard drive so I don’t run across them.

I will put it here, but not on caringbridge – because she put this blog’s address on it and though I know some of my caringbridge readers have found this site through a search engine – I don’t really want the two linked since this is more personal and I might feel less free to post things on here if I know that the person sitting next to me at church that I don’t know very well is reading it.
*** edited to clarify – I am not upset if you found this blog by searching for caringbridge – nothing sneaky about that or anything – just trying to explain why I don’t necessarily want my my pastor reading this!

Anyway – if the video creator is reading this – thank you.

17 responses to “Nathan tribute

  1. I saw this on YouTube when I searched under Nathan’s name. It really is beautiful, and made me cry a little bit.

  2. Susan, I did find your blog through that video, and if it bothers you, I don’t have any problem respecting your desire to not have any Caringbridge readers over here. Just let me know.Although, I must say that I have appreciated seeing your “personal” side. (And NO, I don’t live anywhere near you.) I can totally relate to the fact that you have vented through blogging, because I have done it too when dealing with my daughter’s neurological condition. Nathan’s (and your) story has been inspirational to me in my struggles, and I want you to know that by sharing your moments, you have helped me in ways you may never know.

  3. Kelly – no, no doesn’t bother me! Please read my edit. Thanks for your kind words. I will go check out your blog now.

  4. So very beautiful! thanks for sharing this.

  5. Susan,So very long ago, I found Nathan’s caringbridge blog via, well, I don’t really remember now. Then, when one computer died and I had to refind my links I searched Nathan’s name and found your website. Since then I have faithfully read both.You have been a reason for me to remember to hug my children and value each moment with them.The video is beautiful. It made me weep. To have lost such a beautiful soul to heaven seems wrong, but maybe, in God’s plans it is right. That is a concept that took me years to accept after the death of my mother when I was a very young woman. I hope that someday you get there. It’s a bittersweet place to be.Thanks for sharing. Thanks for being as real as you are.Many prayers,Jaymie

  6. That’s very beautiful. I giggled, I cried, and felt odd for you. Just that it would seem weird if someone did that with my personal pictures. But the person who created it obviously put a lot of love in to it.xoxo

  7. That was beautiful. I agree with ~a~ that it would be odd to have someone create that for you. I would have rather saw more pictures of Nathan outside of the medical stuff, because that was very much a part of him and his life too. Very touching though. Thank you for opening up so much of yourself to us on this blog. Love ya!

  8. Susan,Like many others, I found your blog one day by chance and followed both it and Nathan’s caringbridge page faithfully since. My family began to ask me daily about Nathan and how he was doing as I told them about your family and your story. This video made me cry and there are no words I can say that will express just how much my heart goes out to you.He is a beautiful child, thank you for sharing him with us.Jaime

  9. That was very touching. Thank you for sharing. I am thinking of you always. (((HUGS)))

  10. I’m here too…hope that is okay! I watched, and I agree with everyone too…it did seem “odd” to someone having used such private pictures. Some *I hadn’t even seen!That aside, the video and song touched my heart. Everytime I see a picture of him, I hear his sweet inflection filled voice…”Miss Tammy…”. I hope to never stop hearing the voice with the pictures.

  11. Susan, Wow—how nice for you to have that. Of course it made me very sad for you, but I know that will be precious to you sometime.

  12. Oh, Susan. ((cries))It is amazing to me how much this box in our living room can emanate throughout so many lives.

  13. Susan,I’m the creator of that video, and if you have any problem with it being online like it is, just tell me. I’ll give you the download and take it off. I realize it is personal (well, NOW I realize, I’m just a kid honestly, that kind of stuff doesn’t normaly go through my head) and might be a bit weird for you. I was going to email you before I posted it online but I completely forgot. Sorry about that. If you want to talk to me, just post a reply to this comment and I’ll send you an email (I’m self concious on putting my email out there and such, which I’m sure you understand).-Micaela

  14. Well, that just ripped my guts right out! We were on vacation for over 3 weeks and I didn’t learn of Nathan’s passing until a couple of days ago. I have no words that could possibly bring comfort. I only know that there in One who is closer than the very air we breathe who can give the kind of comfort a broken heart needs. I’m saying a prayer even now for you and your family. I am SO sorry that you have lost your precious son. I can’t even imagine the pain that goes with that!Your Sisiter in Christ from Texas,Connie Hopkins

  15. MicaelaNo need to change anything!I know all those photos are on our family web site and I am fine that you used them.Don’t worry about the end.Thanks!

  16. Its a beautiful tribute Susan! You and the family are in my thoughts and prayers. HUGS

  17. Dearest Susan,What a beautiful tribute to such a beautiful child…I’m so very sorry for your loss, there are just no words I can adequately express this to you.A very close friend of mine had a NB warrior also! I didn’t have the honor of getting to meet your Nathan, but one day I will, and I look forward to that. pPraying your through this new journey,Susan

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