Monthly Archives: July 2007

Sorry Mrs. Bluetooth

So – I was mega-stressed today. Long story, lots of stuff…

too many health care professionals with too many different opinions
19 month old who just wants to be with her mommy
mommy who just wants to be with her 19 month old
pain, pain and more pain
narcotics after narcotics
road construction all the way to the clinic
new nurses
me gaining weight
my way too long hair getting in my way constantly
crappy decisions involving pain suffering and death of my son
consulting doctors not returning main doctors calls

Anyway… I was getting into the car getting ready to call Luke and using my bluetooth headset.

Me: “Call Home”
Phone: “Did you say, call home?” (said in the sugary computer voice)
Me: “Yes!” in the nastiest rudest voice I have

I am taking my frustrations out on the phone now I guess. I t almost made me laugh after I said it. At least no one I love had to be the recipient of it.


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