I went….

At the last minute I decided to go choir to choir practice. It was just fine. They finally put Nathan’s caringbridge site in the rehearsal order notes and so most people were up to date and so I didn’t have to do much updating. Most left it at “good to have you here” or “you are in my prayers”.

It felt wonderful to sing.

10 responses to “I went….

  1. Nice to hear of a happy ending. I’m so glad you got to enjoy the singing!

  2. I am really happy you were able to find succor in your church. Choir / singing is how I find God as well.

  3. Praise the Lord! I’m glad you went hopefully you were able to gain some strength from the others instead of being drained by “sharing” the status time and time again!

  4. YAY, I’m glad you decided to go. Despite all that is going on, you have to have a little bit of time to yourself. HUGS

  5. so happy that they were there for you in the ways that you needed them to be

  6. i’m so glad!keeping you (and family) in my thoughts.take care.

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