One of only a handful of reasons why I am smiling these days.

12 responses to “Smiling

  1. She is an absolute cutie!! I’ll have to show this to Mr London. : – )

  2. She is precious and made me smile too!

  3. Thats reason enough to make anyone smile…….

  4. I love the crossed arms.

  5. That’s about as sweet as it gets. What a grin.Beth

  6. She is growing up so fast. She looks like a mini-teenager there with her arms crossed! Made ME smile and I am not her mom!

  7. Awww she’s a doll-baby! SO CUTE!

  8. I love pigtails!

  9. She’s getting so big. And a tad ‘tude-ish?

  10. I don’t even want to meet the person who wouldn’t smile at a face like that with pigtails like those.Amy in Iowa

  11. Awww what a sweetie!!! 😀

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