Whatever I end up typing

I am sitting down to update this blog but I really don’t know what to say.

Things that gave me much joy today:

Watching Julia try on a new dress and seeing her smile and excitement about it.

Having Lauren ask for Nathan, who was lying on the couch, and watching her recline on him and smile while watching TV with him.

Watching Luke and Julia cuddle before bed and looking at their beautiful blue eyes next to each other.

Other things were pure hell today – much more horrible pain witnessed.

Yesterday I had a discussion with Luke about Nathan’s future and lack thereof that I wouldn’t wish on any married couple.

So – I am wiped.

And..I have an out to stop blogging as I have a Frosty awaiting me now!

9 responses to “Whatever I end up typing

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  2. Umm. Frosty. I haven’t had any kind of shake/malt thing in a long time. My favorite shake thing is a chocolate malt. They make a pretty good one at Cold Stone.

  3. Im so sorry for Nathan’s pain and your pain as a family. Your ‘things that gave me much joy’ made me smile.

  4. Josh, really? I have been unimpressed by everything at Cold Stone Creamery. It’s a great idea, but the ice cream is always too gummy and underflavored. I haven’t had their shakes, so I guess that’s a disclosure.

  5. I’m not a cold Stone fan either. I do love a good frosty though. I like to dip my fries in them.

  6. I think you’re very healthy, Susan. It’s good you’re piece-mealing your days like this, from frostys to dresses to beautiful blue eyes.

  7. Matt, I’ve only had the chocolate malt there.

  8. Prayers and prayers for a pouring out of grace to sustain you through what is my worse dream – watching your child in pain – not being able to fix it. I’ve read your blog for a while – never posted before, but very touched.Michelle mom of 8

  9. Mmmmmmmmm Frosty.(((BIG HUGS)))

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