….May Flowers

Springtime in the Rockies.

2 responses to “….May Flowers

  1. The kids went swimming this weekend, again. They’s been in the pool since the second week in April.

  2. It is in the 80’s here in the Santa Cruz area–which means it is actually warm here at home! We did not make a fire the past 2 mornings, the first this year! Even if it gets into the 70’s that is just not enough for our little icebox–which was brilliantly designed to be just that, as a summer cabin. ; ) Later this afternoon we are off to a playdate at the beach. I can’t believe this is our life–homeschooling on Monterey Bay really does feel summer vacation most of the time anyway, and days like this even more so. But it seems so strange–my mind is still back in CO, and that still seems “normal” to me.Lisa

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