Nathan is very into Playmobil toys. They are pretty expensive but very cool. I am feeling good about the expense after the following conversation that took place after Nathan got home from school:

Nathan “Mommy, can I use the computer?”
Me “Sure”
A minute later….
Nathan “Nevermind – I found something much more fun to do!!”
Me “What?” Wracking my brain for what fun thing dropped from the skies into my family room
Nathan “Playmobile!”

All three kids* are now playing with the Santa House happily.

* yes – including the 16 month old and yes she is way too young but what can I say – she is a third child.

One response to “Playmobil

  1. It’s all about Playmobil here. Even Button who will be 10 in June loves it. We’re in to the pirates and knights. In fact I just had a playmobil post. They are worth every dime.xoxo

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