Little People

I have a fondness for Fisher-Price Little People. As I child I spent many hours playing with them. Now, of course, Little People are not as little because of safety rules.

When Nathan and Julia were toddlers we acquired quite a lot of Little People toys. I think we have so many because I like them so much and I wanted to possess them.

Anyway – they have been mostly put away for a couple of years and now Lauren is old enough to enjoy them. It has been fun to get them out and make a Little People town withe them once again. Nathan and Julia have been having a great time too. There’s nothing like rediscovering old toys, no matter how babyish they are.

By the way – I have to share this flickr set I came across of “old school” Little People”. It brings back fond memories for me.

6 responses to “Little People

  1. We have had an invasion of little people too. I have a huge storage box of them in our living room. When my youngest was first learning to sit I would sit the Noah’s Ark in front of him and he would just take one animal out, slobber on it and toss it. It kept him busy for quite awhile.Those older version of the little people brought back memories. We had the farm when I was a kid.

  2. My dad doesn’t throw anything away, so my parents still have all my old little people. My mom keeps them in her bedroom’s walk-in closet, which Ethan has affectionately named “Grammy’s playroom”. Each time we visit, out comes the castle, the hospital, the farm, and Sesame Street. The flag on the top of the castle still twangs, and I just love the secret hiding place behind the stairs. My neice keeps stuffing the dragon into the dungeon, and he can be difficult to get out again. My parents also have the rolling “pop up toy” (I see today’s version of it in the bottom left of your picture of your Little People town) that has the old style little people dog, farmer and girl popping up and down inside it.Beth

  3. We love them too, Susan, although we prefer the old little people to the new ones. And we made a town out of our fisher price just the other day too! We don’t have as much as we might have with more room (rebecca’s castle, allison’s cruise ship and my A-frame are at my parents waiting for someone to claim them–along with my weeble wooble haunted house!!! I am really happy most of the time we don’t have more space for toys, since we have too much already and don’t want the girls to grow up so consumeristic . . . but I do wish we had those here!) but we have the new farm, the old yellow family house, the old carousel, and a friend just gave us a new “town” that has multiple businesses creatively stacked that open up like a dollhouse and can come apart. This town is one of the better designed new little people structures–my main complaint with the new designs is that they are clearly made for LARGE houses with designated closets and playrooms for large kid stuff. I had to give away the new f.p. parking garage because it was so huge, there was just no room for it in our little house. And that was a shame, because the kids liked it–but it was not well designed. Remember the old f.p. parking garage? It had multiple levels, a turn-around on top, a car elevator that would ding at each level and automatically send the car rolling out at the top, gas pump at the bottom. The “new” (probably from the 90’s) design was way bigger but without all the cute “bells n whistles” and it did not even work well–the cars would get stuck at one point in the chute and the kids could barely raise and lower the elevator (no more nice cranking mechanisms). That’s why it was not worth the closet space.But this past Christmas I discovered the world of classic f.p. on eBay. Oh, my. All our other f.p. have been hand-me-downs, either from Doug’s childhood or my nieces. After researching for the best of the best (in my opinion, of course), I bought the girls the pop up camper with accessories. Now THIS is an amazing design! There is a camper made to look like the one we camped in when I was a kid. The sides fold out and have a cloth top. There is a little door that opens for people coming in and out (not actually necessary, since there are no sides to the camper once it is up, just the cloth top, but a perfect example of realistic details just for the fun of it!). The hard top of the camper, when shut, holds all the accessories like grill, picnic table, lawn chairs. On top of the hard top is also a little slot for the family’s off-road bike (included). The camper is pulled by an old brady bunch-looking pre-SUV (looks like an old Jeep Cherokee to me) that holds a flat-bottomed rowboat on top (included)! And all this takes up the space of an adult shoe box. Then the other one I bought off eBay–the Sesame Street clubhouse, from the 70’s. It is relatively so small: estimating 18″ long, 12″ high, 11″ deep. And it packs so many little cool play elements into that space! I can’t even begin to describe them all–anyone interested can go to eBay (I just did–serveral to see) and search for it by name. But an amazing design–the new fisher price cannot come close.So, while I like some of the new little people stuff, I am a die-hard for the old. And our girls don’t seem to notice that the people are different for the different structures–if the new little people are cuter and have hands, the old little people can do more fun stuff! ; )If I had a boy, I would get the old f.p. construction set and the firehouse. So cool! Bethany, if you read this, when we got tired of playing with the castle the “real” way, we would turn it upside down, or on its side. Suddenly those cool nooks and crannies take on a whole new life!

  4. Annonymous – I would never have remembered turning the caslte upside down if you hadn’t mentioned it, but when you did, I had this flash of the grey bottom and the little people stuck in the sloped triangles of the roofs. Wow!I (well, really my parents) still have my Weeble Wobble Winnie the Pooh Treehouse. I loved that. Another one where the old version is far superior to the new.Beth

  5. OMGoodness! You have quite the infestation going there. But look at them. They look like they are having a blast! Collin never really got into them. 😦 I sent you an email about your comment. It might have gone to junk mail though, because I sent it from work. Just wanted to let you know.

  6. Oh the school house with it’s ringing school bell – the farm with it’s mowing door………. what a trip down memory lane. Oh the little people that you could put in your mouth and shoot across the room nailing your best friends brother in the back of the head (how I longed for my own little brother to torture!). Sorry about that trip. Thanks for the travel ticket (hmmmm maybe the nailing the brother is why they are too big to go in the mouth to shoot out with any force now days! – Luckily for my youngest 2 grandsons because the eldest might just have learned something bad from grandma!)

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