This is what it is all about

Me and my sweeties having a wonderful picnic today in some glorious weather.

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11 responses to “This is what it is all about

  1. What a frameworthy photo! I love it Susan! 🙂 Perfect. 🙂

  2. What a lovely photo! What a lovely family! And what lovely weather. We had SNOW yesterday so I am very jealous of picnics…

  3. I am soooooo happy for you. You had mentioned how frustrated you were to be missing out on the glorious weather this past week, so I am so glad you and Luke and the kids got out as a family to enjoy it!Ironically we had the opposite yesterday–after more than a week of the most fantastic, sunny 70-80 degree weather and several trips to the beach (nothin’ like homeschooling in Santa Cruz!!!) we met friends down in Monterey yesterday and it was foggy and FREEZING. Ah well–just a reminder to me to enjoy whatever weather I get while I get it! : )

  4. A truly beautiful photo of the four of you. You are all looking so great!!!!love — Katie

  5. Now that is a picture to put on the wall! You all look so happy!!

  6. That is a beautiful picture – from the happy smiles to the gorgeous backgrounds. I’m so glad you guys had an afternoon of fun, and the perfect picture to remember it by.Beth

  7. The weather has been absolutley gorgeous lately! Glad you and the kiddos were able to get out and enjoy it! That is a fabulous picture of all of you, definitely one for hanging on the wall. 😉

  8. It looks like an album cover to me.

  9. I came to say exactly what Josh did.That is a BRILLIANT photo.

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