The party

First off- I big thank you for all the ideas for Julia’s Birthday party.

Secondly – I have to admit that in addition to not having good party ideas – I also lack the desire to pull off most of them.

This was her LAST at home party. In the future she could have a couple friends over but no more official parties at home!

Lauren is next….so the misery is not over yet.

Anyway, it went fine. The kids started out by playing Cranium Hullabaloo. I picked it up a few weeks ago hoping it would be fun for a party and it was. We had fun trying it out the night before also.

We had some board games in the dining and room and the kids played some of those with help from some of the parents who stayed. Parents always get roped into helping at my parties due to all the activities Julia wants.

Forty minutes in the kids got restless. We decided to go ahead and get the pizzas and the kids were wandering in the family room so I got out Julia’s Star Station (kiddie karaoke). It worked! The kids took turns singing and ended up running around and around in circles screaming. They were happy so I didn’t care.

Then there was pizza, cake, presents and more running.

Not the best party ever but I think everyone had a good time.

5 responses to “The party

  1. I commend you for the at home party. Neither of my children have had an at home party because I am not brave enough to do it. I am currently planning Corwin’s 2nd party and it will be held at a local swimming pool. that is hard enough. Great job susan. You are a great mom.Liza

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  3. Sounds like a great party to me! I hear you on the last at home party – I love away from home parties where someone else does the cleaning before and clean up afterwards. (hmmmmm then again so does my daughter and that’s why I have the grandsons parties at my house – you think?)

  4. I have to agree on the parties at home. My daughter that is now 13 cured me of any desire to be the great “hostess” – after a sleepover I remember feeling like I’d be out drinking all night. Exhausting! For Cassidy’s b-day this year (she is 6) we did the Chuckie Cheese thing, they supplied everything including the cake and we just walked away from the mess. I think all moms here are with you on this one.

  5. Home parties are so much harder then out of the home. I much prefer the outside parties anyday. Sounds like she had a fabulous party though.

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