Insurance stupidity

Nathan had an MIBG scan last week and has a CAT scan tomorrow. His oncologist’s office calls the insurance company to notify them about the scans.

Both times the oncologists had to get on the phone to get the scans approved. For the MIBG scan the woman couldn’t find the scan on her computer screen. She said the if she couldn’t find it on her screen it must not be able to be approved. Nevermind that Nathan has had this scan a zillion times with this same insurance. A talk with the medical director b y the oncologist finally sorted that one out.

Today his doctor told me he had to get on the phone with the medical director to get approval for the cat scan. Since they are scanning so many parts of Nathan’s body each part is listed as a separate scan. They did not want to approve so many scans at one shot. Hmm – should he go tomorrow for the scan of his abdomen, maybe do the chest another day and how about the head and orbits on a third day? His doctor tried to explain to the medical director that they needed the cat scan to compare to the MIBG scan. Apparently the medical director then asked what a MIBG scan was……

Geez – I am not so impressed by these people.

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