Negative six

Negative six degrees that is. It is a cold one this morning. I love extreme weather and so it is fine with me. Although as I listen to the furnace chugging along I can see the $$$. It has to pretty much run all the time to keep it 66 degrees warmer in here than outside.

Yesterday I waited for the bus for about 8 minutes in 3 degree weather. It was fine as long as I kept moving.

As I write this I can see my neighbor in his backyard (at 7:30 am). I can’t imagine what has prompted that!

I hope you readers in central Illinois are not getting too much ice.

5 responses to “Negative six

  1. Not much is happening in Illinois in regards to the weather, at least not around Bloomington. A little ice, and some more ice tonight and then some snow. But nothing too major they say. Our trees our saggy but the roads are good. St Louis on the other hand, is in bad shape. And my in-laws managed to get themselves trapped in Oklahoma on their way home from Phoenix. A few boring days in a Holiday Inn for them!It sure is cold there for you guys! I would not handle that well. I think I might freeze a finger or toe off!Enjoy your weekend and stay warm!

  2. I love arctic weather, especially when it comes with white snow and clear days. I’ll trade you some of our 30-degree gray Michigan weather if you are interested.

  3. I’m with Chris. This dreary, chilly but not cold, no snow winter is getting me down.Beth

  4. OMG!!! I can’t believe that. Its so pretty looking at the picture, but then again that is easily said when I am sitting here in shorts. I hope that it warms up a bit for you.

  5. I am so ready for a warm up! I love snow, but moreso when it comes with our normal 40 degrees and up the next day. LOL Here’s hoping we get warming trend going.

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