Day job

The day hospital at MSKCC has a number of “session assistants” on staff. These seem to all be recent college grads and it is an administrative job where they keep the flow of patients moving from the various places they need to be (fingerstick, exam rooms etc). I have a particular favorite session assistant because she goes out of her way to be helpful and you can tell she genuinely enjoys the kids. To get things done it this very busy clinic you have to be proactive and so I am always asking her to call the nurse to see if Nathan has orders for this or that. If you don’t do that…sometimes you sit there for hours. Anyway, she always seems happy to help even if I feel like I am harassing her!

I recently found out that she is a singer/songwriter. I went “home” (the Ronald) and googled her and she has a new album out and a video. She has a very nice voice. I wish there was a little less synthesizer but I am sure that using the synthesizer is a cost-efficient way to go when you are funding an album.

Funny to learn what people’s other lives are. I hope she find success in her music career.

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