I just can’t think of a good title for this entry

Those of you who know me would probably say that I am very even tempered and fairly calm. I don’t get excited about things and I keep a cool head about things others might get flustered about.

So – you will know that things are not good when I tell you that I broke my computer tonight.

My computer is old and crappy. It was barely working. I would have had a new one if I was in Colorado but have been waiting until I got home. Tonight, it started giving me shit as I was trying to write an email to Nathan’s doctor asking him to let Nathan out of the hospital even though it is against all the policies and procedures they have.

So – I gave it a good thump with my fist.

It still didn’t behave itself – it froze a little and then was not letting me do what I wanted.

I pounded on it a little more with my fist and now it is toast.

I truly had to restrain myself from putting it on the floor and jumping on it. The thought of wrecking the computer makes me smile and feel giddy. That computer has been such a DOG and pissed me off so many times and I am so pissed off about so many other things right now that I am itching to pound the thing. If it didn’t have its hard drive in it (which I am hoping to later recover some files from) I would totally beat it up and enjoy every minute of it.

Oh – and there is also the problem of the six year old in the hospital bed next to me watching me pound it and me setting a very bad example for him.

So – now what do you think of me?

I keep telling people – one of these days I am going to crack under the strain of it all. It’s not happening yet but every day it seems more feasible.

edited to say that I am posting this from Luke’s computer – which is having a sticky “E key” lately but is otherwise an obedient computer and I promise I will not abuse it

6 responses to “I just can’t think of a good title for this entry

  1. I think that you are humam.(((((HUG)))))

  2. I think you have inhuman restraint. I seriously want you to remove the hard drive and then go get yourself a hammer — why not? Ball pean is best, the round side would probably be so satisfying.

  3. Completely second Matt’s thought. It is my understanding that removing a hard drive is super easy. Do that then destroy that computer. (I would jump up and down on it a couple of times before going at it with the hammer.)

  4. You know, throwing it through a plate glass window, and thus shattering the window, before stomping on it and then beating it to smithereens with a hammer would probably be even more satisfying.Beth

  5. I love your list in the previous post. Gives us all a good idea as to what you deal with in the hospital. Maybe the hospital should add a separate room for parents which includes boxing equipment like punching bags? 🙂 Still love ya! 🙂 Happy Bday to Lauren. 🙂

  6. What do I think of you now? Its about time! HAHAHAHAYou have better restraint then I do…I would have thrown it against the wall. ;)Happy Birthday Lauren!

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