I have failed to mention that Lauren has started walking. She will take off and walk a few feet and then sit down. It is by no means her primary mode of getting around but it will be soon. She will be a year old in a few weeks. Eek! my last baby is not going to be a baby for too long.

This reminds me…

I was having a talk with Nathan about more serious types of things and I asked him if he was worried about anything. He said that there was one thing he had been thinking about. He said that if I had another baby he was worried that there would not be a bedroom for that baby. I told him not to worry because his Daddy and I were not planning on having any more babies. That was not enough for him. He told me sometimes it could happen anyway. I told him not to worry – that doesn’t happen very often to people (little white lie). Geez.

And no – I am not pregnant. Not even possible.

One response to “Walking

  1. Susan, thanks for checking out my blog. Im glad the pumpkin was a bright spot for you. Thank you also for blogging about such a personal experience as having a child with cancer. I will definitely be back!

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