Up on the roof

These pictures were taken by my cousin’s not-husband on the roof of their home in Brooklyn.

Nathan thoght it was very cool up there.

5 responses to “Up on the roof

  1. Susan-I think of you often. I can’t even imagine what you are going through with Nathan. You are the STRONGEST women I have ever known. Seriously! HUGS and PRAYER!

  2. I havew to say that I grew up in a big city, and even I thought it was pretty cool up there. Looks like you are managing to have some fun.Cheers,ly

  3. There’s something special about roof tops.I love going up on the roof of my dad’s condo in Seattle.

  4. That’s great! Nathan looks good for all that he is going through. Thinking of you! HUGS

  5. That is one cute kid. If you can pull off being bald, you know you are good looking. I love him in red!

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