So – most of you know that I am in NYC with Nathan awaiting a new trial. Nathan will be the first patient on this trial.

I have been told it has promise.

I saw one of the nurse practitioners briefly and she asked if I was excited. She then saw my face and realized that was not the right emotion and I explained I was very happy Nathan was getting this treatment.

Later we saw the peds fellow and when he learned Nathan was #1 he got excited and asked what did Nathan want for being #1 – a trip to the moon? He obviously also thought that this is very exciting.

So – I guess it is a good thing that the medical professionals are excited about this trial. I am starting to realize what high hopes they have. His doctor even mumbled something about “if Nathan does not have a complete response after the first round but can’t continue…..” Really? Do they think it could be THAT effective?

I have no expectations. I’ll take no progression. I hope he can have more than one round. Those are my hopes right now.

6 responses to “Excited?

  1. The NB mailing list is watching Nathan pretty closely, as you well know, now too. I think you are going to be a pretty popular source of information now for everyone coming down the line.

  2. It’s nice that there’s some real energy surrounding this round. I’ll send some your way, too. Cheers,

  3. Wow! That’s a lot of positive energy coming from the med community. Still keeping track, and keeping you in our hearts here.

  4. I can imagine it’s hard to be excited when in the back of your mind you have other less exciting thoughts.It’s great that the med. community is excited, but they’re also not the mom, you are.I pray that their excitement is on the right track.(((HUGS))) to you.

  5. I have sort of a question about questions. This, Are you excited?, question is a good example of a person sort of saying what seems obvious to the person without really thinking too hard about how you would respond. I don’t get the feeling you were offended by it, but it seems like some part of you felt that it was kind of a dumb way to put things. (And even if that is not so of this question, I’m sure it is true of many others you fielded.)So here is my meta-question: Would you rather people err on the side of being cautious when talking with you or err on the side of being, hmm, I don’t know–natural? You know what I mean, say what comes to them without more of a filter than they ordinarily use.I wonder which is more frustrating: people being insensitive or people being stilted.Love,JimII

  6. Jim – you are right – I did not take offense. It just came out of left field for me. Then – I thought it was interesting to hear her perspective. I have a good rapport with the nurse practitioner who said it and I don’t think she thought I took offense. I definately want people to be natural and risk offending rather than not saying anything. I am actually fairly difficult to offend (I think anyway – but maybe I am wrong).Back to the “Are you excited?” question in general. I have always done poorly with that question because I am the least excitable person I know and I find it hard to answer “yes” to that question even when it is perfectly clear that the asker is really looking for me to enthusiastically agree.

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