My three sweethearts

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11 responses to “My three sweethearts

  1. I just want to scoop them all up and squeeze them.You guys make cute baybays!

  2. Wow, Julia is looking older! Nathan never seems to give a toothy smile – does he have a reson for that, or is it just “him”? That is a good looking crew you have there. Give them hugs for me.

  3. Beth, that is what is known in family circles as “The Hamm Smile”. No toothy smiles for the camera, or at least not very often.

  4. What a good looking family…now we need one with you and Luke too. 😉

  5. Julia’s socks/leggings are fabulous! Are they matched with the dress or just very close?mhqzj

  6. Awwww! That is a great picture! 🙂

  7. Look at them! Looking SHARP!I so love striped leggings. It’s pathological. I am glad I have a girl!

  8. OMG They are absolutely beautiful! Nathan is looking so much older. Adorable!

  9. Dude – you make gorgeous children!!Lauren looks less than thrilled to be posing for the camera. She needs Mr London to smile at. LOL

  10. That is the most precious photo I have seen in ages!They are all beautiful!!!!!!

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