Just some NYC strangeness…..

This morning I went for Dunkin Donuts. I witnessed a streetsweeper driving aggressively through the traffic – swerving in and out of traffic – very odd.

On the way home I was out of place as one of the few people on the street not dressed in a micro-mini school uniform skirt. I don’t get the whole school uniform tiny skirt thing – aren’t they supposed to be modest?

Later in the afternoon while in Times Square attempting to walk to a restaurant we had to squeeze by a crowd of people on the sidewalk screaming at the MTV TRL broadcast in the building next to us for Justin Timberlake.

Lastly – while spending three hours in the playroom of the hospital today I met a child with the weirdest name ever. There was a little girl whose name was twenty-one. I kid you not.

4 responses to “Twenty-one

  1. And my daugher Jordan has never forgiven me for giving her a “boy’s” name – I’ll pass this story along to her 🙂

  2. woman I clerked with knew the subject of this wikipedia article (Jennifer 8. Lee) while they were both at Harvard.

  3. What a weird name!I can’t imagine how difficult it is to try and “sightsee” while things are so up in the air for you guys. I’ve been thinking about the five of you so much recently, I really would like to be able to send that picture off to Nathan.(Or I can take a picture of it and put it on my blog if that is easier).Big hugs from Boston!

  4. Hmmmm I’ve heard of people naming their children after the cities they were concieved in……maybe someone had TOO MUCH FUN on their 21st birthday……or the little old lady who lived in a shoe just ran out of names and started using the number of children.I would love to know exactly where the name came from!

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