Monthly Archives: August 2006

Methylene Blue

So – over the years Nathan has had all sorts of medications. He is currently getting the weirdest one – methylene blue. He is getting the chemo ifosfamide and it can can neuro-toxicity as described here: Ifosfamide is an alkylating agent with well-demonstrated efficacy against a large number of malignant diseases. With cyclophosphamide it shares a toxicity profile characterized by myelosuppression and urotoxicity, but ifosfamide has additionally disclosed adverse neurological effects. Ifosfamide-related central nervous system toxicity is characterized by metabolic encephalopathy of varying severity. Symptoms have been reported in 5-30% of all patients treated with ifosfamide. Copyright © 2003 S. Karger AG, Basel

They have found that treating with methylene blue can prevent the toxicity.

So – you can see from the picture that it is very dark blue. It is the color of the bottle. It was bizarre to see it pushed through Nathan’s IV. He is now proudly peeing blue. It isn’t just bluish – it is bright blue. His other bodily fluids are also blue. He has had each of us take a look at his blue pee – I am glad he gets a kick out of it at least.

Save as Draft…

…seems to be as close as I have gotten to posting any entries lately. With my current state of mind I just don’t have what it takes I guess.

I have been up since before 4:00 this morning because Nathan needed his sheets changed. He is on 60ml of IV fluids per hour and so that is a challenge. As usual at that hour – once awake I was up for the day.

So – I shall hit the Publish Post button this time and submit a boring post just for the sake of posting.