Is this goodbye?

My car broke today while I was driving Nathan home from his echo/EKG. More precisely it broke down right after we exited Dairy Queen on the way home. So – at least I got my blizzard first. My dad came to get us and made a comment about this being just another day in the life of Susan. I really do need to play the lottery – perhaps I am due for some good luck.

I think this may be the last straw for the Beretta. It was a college graduation present from my parents in 1994. It only has 93,000 miles on it though. However, it is not even worth a couple of hundred dollars so there is a limit to what we are willing to put into it.

So – it has been towed to the shop and we will see how much it will cost to fix it. I will be a little sad if we get rid of it. I’ve had that car since before I even met Luke.

One response to “Is this goodbye?

  1. No kidding about being due for some good luck.So glad you got that blizzard first. 🙂

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