Baby you can drive my car

So – we have been dealing with the same group of doctors and nurses for over three years now. We are so lucky because these are a great group of people.

There is a nurse at the hospital that used to work in the clinic occasionally and also is one of the few oncology nurses on the pediatric floor. We have always liked her.

She was Nathan’s nurse a week ago when he was inpatient for fever and neutropenia. This is the day I realized I had shingles. I was sitting by Nathan’s hospital bed surfing google images for rashes. When I saw a picture of the shingles rash and also saw a map of where it commonly breaks out I started freaking out. When she came into the room I showed it to her and she went and asked a doctor over at the PICU who thought I should get it looked at. I had to go RIGHT AWAY. I was so freaked out about giving Nathan chicken pox and I just couldn’t wait for an hour for Luke to get there. I decided it would be fine to leave Nathan alone for a little while. He is so used to the hospital and the nurses and was feeling just fine. I was ready to leave when it occurred to me that I had no car and urgent care was about 2 miles away.

I told his nurse I wouldn’t be leaving right away after all because I had no car. Then, I realized I could call a cab and so I did so. I went to the nurses station to tell her that I was leaving right away after all and she offered me her car. She repeatedly offered and I almost took her up on it until I realized her shift was almost over. She said she would catch a ride home with another nurse and then get a ride back with her early the next morning. She had told me earlier that she had the next three days off and so she was actually offering to get up and come into the hospital on her day off just so I could borrow her car. She offered a few more times but I refused and said I had a cab coming anyway and I thanked her profusely.

That is a good example of how caring and just plain nice Nathan’s nurses are.

If I ever change careers – nursing is the first career I would choose. Nurses really do make a difference in people’s lives. How many other vocations can do that?

5 responses to “Baby you can drive my car

  1. That is absolutely fantastic. Aside from your personal experience in nursing, I think your caring personality would really make you a fine nurse.

  2. Wow, what a great experience.gztawku

  3. This is a wonderful story, and I hope you submit it to Change of Shift over at Emergiblog this week! I admire nurses too, and I know how much it means to them to be thanked.

  4. It takes a special person to be a nurse. It takes an exceptional person to be an oncology nurse as I learned with my mother taking chemo last year.Love your story.Too Fat, SN

  5. That is sweet awesomeness.And yes, you’d make a great nurse.Any updates on the whole Nathan/School thing?

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