So – I wrote a letter to the editor concerning the column about the woman and her house in disrepair. I wrote it at 10:00 at night so it is neither as eloquent nor as biting as I would have preferred. Heck – I am just not a writer.

Either way – I am pleased to say it was published. I hope one of those neighbors reads it and will feel even a little bit ashamed.

Gazette should have passed
on reporting woman’s woes
I am appalled at the Sidestreets column in the Aug. 17 Gazette, “Years after neighbor’s death, good will sours as house falls into disrepair.” Since when is it considered newsworthy that someone has had trouble keeping up their house after a horrible family tragedy?
The tone of this article seems to indicate that Han Lee should be “over” this tragedy now that five years have passed. These neighbors should be thanking their lucky stars that they have not had such a tragedy occur in their lives and they should continue to offer their assistance if they are so disturbed by the disrepair. It disgusts me that these neighbors were willing to publicly air their petty grievances and I simply cannot believe The Gazette published this column.

6 responses to “Letter

  1. Good for you, Susan! I am sure the lady who was the recipient of the lousy article will be pleased to see someone who has some decency standing up for her!Thinking of all of you and hoping for a very pleasant weekend for all of you!love — Katie

  2. GOOD FOR YOU for standing up! I am a big fan of letter writing, and I am real proud of you for doing that.

  3. Dude – very excellent. I totally agree with your point of view and I applaud you for taking the time to say something.!!!

  4. Good for you Susan! That is awesome! They really need a reality check. The last article way beyond rediculous!

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