I blogged in the past about my addiction to sea salt bagel chips . Last week I made a dangerous discovery. While at Sam’s Club I discovered a 23 ounce bag of them! I usually buy 6 ounce bags. I got 4 times the amount for about twice the price. Of course, this is not really a good thing so I hope it is only a one-time buy or else I might turn into a bagel chip.

3 responses to “Bulk

  1. If you like bagel chips, you have to try Stacy’s Pita Chips (www.pitachips.com). The “simply naked” flavor is really good… a little pricey, but very tasty!

  2. Carlee – I tried some of those in NYC for the first time last month and I did like them. I had the garlic and parmesan. I think I would like the naked version too.Speaking of pricy – we were at Whole Foods and they had whole wheat flour tortilla chips – a large bag for $15.00 – yikes! We tried that sample and they were good – but not that good!

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