A room with a view

Most people reading this keep up with Nathan’s page and so you probably already know that he is in the hospital and Julia is at home on oxygen for pneumonia. I thought I’d add some visuals.

The picturesque scene to the left was taken with my phone out the window in Nathan’s hospital room. The onocology kids get private rooms with the view of the park. On of the perks, I guess.

I stayed with Nathan at the hospital today. Since I am breastfeeding, Lauren stayed too. She did pretty well today but I doubt tomorrow will go as well. She is currently in her crib crying refusing to go to bed.

Julia is all hooked up to the oxygen, dosed up with codeine cough syrup and in bed. I am already sick of hearing the drone of the large oxygen machine sitting in out upstairs hall.

I have no idea how long she will need the oxygen. What a pair her and Nathan will make in their room at night, Julia on oxygen, Nathan hooked up to IV antibiotics.

8 responses to “A room with a view

  1. I feel as though I should be able to come up with some funny caption for your pictures commenting that the two sick kids are smiling, and Lauren is frowning, but creativity is eluding me.Hope everybody is feeling better soon. Will Julia’s pnemonia be an issue for Nathan’s lack of immunity?

  2. And yet they still smile.I heart you.Get well vibes for you all and please try and get some rest yourself.xoxo

  3. They are smiling – they are smiling. Kids are so amazing.

  4. susan You and your family are always in my prayers. Your children are amazing strong little people and you amaze me with your stregth. Cambria

  5. Thanks for sharing the photos. I have been eagerly awaiting news on how all are coping. So amazed and thrilled to see two smiling munchkins!! Thinking of you guys, always! Hope you, Susan and Luke, are getting some rest, too.Take carelove — Katie

  6. My prayers are with you and Nathan, he is truly a Lion. Dale Ashcraft (Justin’s dad from A Lion in the House)

  7. Read Nathan’s update – looks better than expected. I am hope you can all have a calm family weekend!

  8. Just checking on ya… I am sorry things have been such a bummer and I am praying for good news very soon. Hugs!

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