An imprompto echo

Nathan started his first chemo today since we found out his cancer is back again. This is his 14th round of “chemo” in addition to 10 rounds of high-dose accutane. I am used to this chemo stuff. I was delighted to discover the chemo he is having all week is only a 1 and a half hour infusion! This is very short in chemo-land.

He finished up and we stopped at a nearby bakery for a goodie. As he was perusing the case he started to stagger and sway. I sat him down and his eyes kept closing and rolling back. He recovered after a minute or two and picked out a cookie. We drove right back over to the clinic where they checked him out and could find no reason for it. His doctor decided he had better have an echocardiogram before chemo tomorrow since this chemo can cause heart problems and he has had plenty of this type in the past as well as other types that can hurt the heart. They sent us right over and he had the echo. The tech told me his heart function is just fine.

Now, I am just not sure about mine.

3 responses to “An imprompto echo

  1. Honestly, in a situation like that, shouldn’t the cardiologist offer a two-for-one test to cover both the kid and the mom????Hope the rest of the week is blissfully uneventful!

  2. So you took your son to get baked goods and didn’t get me any? How can you be so selfish!Ok, my bad joke aside… I hope that he was a little woozey from the heat… I know I get that way sometimes.I am thinking of you guys!

  3. That reminds me of what I was taught as an intern — when you arrive at a “code” the first thing to do is take your own pulse!Glad to hear it was OK.

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