It’s that time of the year….

Time to get gifts for teachers. I am lucky – I only have two kids in school. I am even more lucky that some of us moms from preschool went in on some gift cards for the 4 teachers that frequent Julia’s classroom (more on that in a minute). I do want to thank the teachers – but it is just more complicated than getting a little trinket these days. Nathan has his main teacher and then he has teachers of “specials” ie. art, spanish, PE. I know that some parents get gifts for all of these teachers. I don’t even know who these people are so I am not going to do it this year. Take one point off the “good school mom” scale. Then there is a pressure of what to get his main teacher. I think it is pretty widely known these days that teachers have no need for a plastic apple with “world’s best teacher” on it. I decided to go with a gift card to Panera. Of course, when you go the gift card route the monetary value is clearly stated – so the value is a whole ‘nother decision to make. I went for $10.

Back to Julia. She has one teacher and two aides in her class. The speech teacer also has an office in her classroom and works a little with the kids. None of us like one of the aides and she doesn’t say two words to us parents. We reluctantly gave her a gift card as well. Same with the speech teacher – some of us wanted to and some of us did not. In the end we got all four gift cards to a shopping center – $5 a teacher and there were 4 of us.

I recently realized that parents also give gifts to bus drivers. I hadn’t thought of that one. I got him a $5 Panera gift card. He is a really good bus driver and has taken good care of Nathan during bus drills. I hope $5 isn’t too cheap but he can get a nice lunch off of it.

One of the moms in Nathan’s class is putting together a scrapbook. I had to develop some pictures, go pick them up and gather up my scrapbooking supplies and spend about an hour making 2 pages. I am sure it will be nice but when I think of all the time, thought and stress than went into this whole end of the year circus it makes me a little crazy.

Well – I am done…until next Christmas….

6 responses to “It’s that time of the year….

  1. Another reason I am so happy I school-at-home now… LOL Really though, the whole gift-giving to teachers can get very expensive. I think I would opt for a Thank You card signed by the kiddos. LOL

  2. You don’t know me but I just saw your thoughtrul comment on the Blogging Baby post (Nadine in Montana) and came over here to tell you I’m adding your child to my prayer list as well.Best wishes,Ann Adams

  3. Oh wow – thoughtful !!

  4. I tried to post in the comments on Blogging Baby but I didn’t get it quite right….Thank you for your comments about Nadine & her family. You are so right…. it is very important to remember the other little ones…. we got her little brother presents when she was in the hospital but I didn’t think to include him in the card-writing.And the card overload….. gosh, do you really think we will get that many? Well, the plan is to decide how many to give her each week and we will dole them out over the course of the next several months…. that is one thing we learned from round one…. the importance of the long-haul. Do you have any other thoughts? Things to do or NOT to do for her mom & dad? Thanks.

  5. Dude!We are planning on putting Rachel into the first grade next year but I am scared to death of the whole thing.Just reading this entry makes me want to hold my purse. LOL

  6. We get Borders gift cards for the teachers and the bus driver. My neighbors are both teachers – one for high school and one for elementary school. They say that book store gift cards are great because you can use them to stock your classroom or for your own recreation. I figure with the book, magazine, music and movie selection Borders has, as well as the cafe, there is something there for everyone. Also, it is amazing how much out-of-pocket spending the teachers have to do to set up their classrooms. We give gifts to the teachers who are regularly in the classroom – more for the main teacher, a bit less for the aides – but we have never gotten anything for the teachers of what Margot’s school calls the “specials” – art, music, phys. ed, etc.

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