I thought I would do a general catch-up type of post today.

We have all been passing around a really nasty cold. Remarkably, I was the last to get it this time. Luke has avoided all the sicknesses this year until this one and I got it after him. Nathan got it first and then Julia. We think Lauren has it but it is hard to tell.

So – other than the bad cold thing what has been going on?

Well – feeding and playing with Lauren take up like 80% of my time it seems – especially when she doesn’t nap – which is most of the time. I have been working on travel plans to New York in June for Nathan’s scans. I have also spent some time on the phone with our insurance company and New York Presbyterian Hospital. This hospital is actually in-network for us, but of course it wasn’t that simple. Nathan stayed in their PICU after his surgery since Memorial Sloan Kettering doesn not have a PICU. The attending physician in the PICU is out-of network. Well – it is not like we could pick and choose who attended to Nathan. I don’t know how a hospital can be in network and then have it’s inpatient doctors not be. So – the insurance company is resubmitting it. It might not seem like a big deal – having to pay 80% of this physician’s fee. However – the insurance company has their “reasonable” charge amounts and will pay 80% of those. There is a big gulf between what this doctor charged and the amount the insurance company is willing to pay. So…. I guess we will see what happens. They are trying to collect from us and they have put it on hold for 30 days. If I have to appeal again there might be a choice of a negative mark on our credit or paying more than we owe. This is not the first time this has happened. Ugh.

What else? We have some friends moving back in town after moving to Florida a year and a half ago. The husband was here working this week and we had him over to dinner. It was a good excuse to cook and clean.

I have been playing my guitar and the piano lately. We moved our keyboard to the living room from the basement so I could use it more. When I pick up the guitar, often Nathan joins me on his ukelele ad Julia on the keyboard. I can stand that for about 2 minutes.

Fun task for today….steam cleaning strawberry milk out of the van.

This has gotten long enough I will save updates on everyone else for another entry.


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