She blinded me with….

Science……Channel that is.

I have recently caught a few of the offerings on the Science Channel. I am not sure how well-subscribed it is. We get it on D*TV as one of the extra channels in a package that gives us lots of kids channels.

If you are thirty-something like me you may have watched Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood on PBS as a child. Well – I’ll take that back because my kids used to watch it on PBS kids channel. But anyway…I loved when he would go to a factory and film how crayons (for example) are made. The Science Channel has a half hour program devoted just to this: How It’s Made I never get tired of watching those specialized machines perform their unique tasks and then see hundred drones of the finished product roll off.

Tonight I watched Survivorman for the third time. This guy goes out in the “wilderness” for a week with limited supplies and a bunch of cameras and batteries and survives off the land. In tonight’s episode he was set adrift on the ocean in a emergency raft. He is alone, but is monitored in some way for safety. I love to see the “McGuyver” types of things he come up with to survive.

I saw many ads for an upcoming show I am very interested in seeing called Cool Fuel. Here is a blurb:

Shaun Murphy and the Coolfuel Crew set off on an incredible journey to conquer the American Road without gasoline. Can they make it across the country on custom built machines, running on fuels such as corn whiskey ethanol, garbage and wind?

So – if any of you are actually looking for more TV to watch (hah!) You have my recommendations for a channel to surf to

2 responses to “She blinded me with….

  1. Wow, I’m *totally* with you on the specilized factory machines thing. The Food Network has a show that often shows food factories making things like Peeps or Oreos or something.The Science Channel sounds fun.

  2. It’s funny you bring this up – I saw a preview for this yesterday. I brought it up to John and said that I wanted to record it, but apparently he saw the previews a day earlier and had already set it up to record.How about some recent kiddo pics??

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