Sick Sick Sick

Last Monday I had the stomach flu. I got it again Thursday night. Yesterday (Monday) I had another bout of Mastitis. I am so tired of being sick! My body is so dragged down right now. Unfortunately nursing moms are susceptible to mastitis when they have been sick. I am going to try to get back on my vitamins and try to figure out some way to boost my immune system.

One good thing that happened is the on-call doctor agreed to prescribe me antibiotics without seeing me last night. I convinced myself all day that I would get better as the day went on but my fever rose right after the office closed.

I laughed out loud yesterday while readin my breastfeeding book ” Now is the time to pamper yourself so you can get well before attempting to resume responsibilities. Enlist all the help you can from your partner, extended family, friends, neighbors or members of your church. For at least two days, arrange to be relieved of all your duties, except brestfeeding your baby…..etc etc”

So I guess trudging through the snow with an infant carrier to deliver Julia to and from her classroom this morning and shopping at Wal-mart was not what the author intended.

3 responses to “Sick Sick Sick

  1. That lazy slacker “partner” of yours is a good for nothing…

  2. *LMAO* LukeThat’s the reason I never bought any of those mothering type books. I really doubt the people who write them have lives or even kids. I hope you’re feeling better.

  3. Hope you are feeling better. 🙂

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