Missing in action again

I have been remiss in blogging again. Thursday and Friday were pretty busy. We had appointments and errands and Lauren is becoming more demanding as she becomes more aware of the world around her.

As I wrote in Nathan’s blog, we are going to be off to New York very soon to do his scans there. Luke got a call Friday afternoon confirming Nathan’s bone marrows for Monday morning. He had to tell them there was no way we could be there Monday morning so they are rescheduling. I had given them a range of dates that they obviously ignored. Hopefully we will have a schedule early next week. We still need to figure out how we are getting there and where we are staying so we can figure out if we are bringing Julia with us.

We are in enjoying the company of Luke’s parents this weekend. Mike was unable to travel at Christmas and so this is his first chance to meet Lauren. Luke and I took advantage of them being here and ran out to mattress shop. We tried out one of those foam beds. We decided they are comfy and less bouncy – but not worth $1000 more than a regular mattress. We picked one out and said we were going elsewhere to look. They then played the “call my manager” game when we put our price out there. Of course, the manager said yes and the other salespeople went on and on about how suprised they were that the “manager” let him give us such a good deal. Luke and I just rolled our eyes at eachother. Do people really fall for that stuff?

So – we are off to church in the morning. I am looking forward to singing after missing the past two weeks. It does mean me getting up at 5:45 so I can get ready and also feed Lauren – but it is worth it for me.

By the way – it was negative 10 degrees this morning when we woke up this morning. Right now (mid-afternoon) it is a balmy 8 degrees. At least it is sunny….

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