Bye Bye 2005

What a year! It was a roller coaster of a year for sure.

100_0691January 1, 2005 – HIGH – Life was good. Nathan had been NED (no evidence of disease) for over a year. Antibodies were done (no more travelling to NYC every 8 weeks for incredibly painful infusions for Nathan). Luke and I decide to proceed with trying for baby #3 as soon as we are able.

March 14 – HIGH – Very faint positive on pregnancy test!

March 14 – April 7 – LOW – concerns about the viability of pregnancy

March 16 to March 30- LOW – Nathan begins to have hip pain. Hip pain exactly like he had when he was diagnosed. Luke and I fear the worse – RELAPSE. We begin a process of tests and scans. This process takes 2 full weeks during which we are terrified.

March 31 – HIGH – Nathan’s test results all come back clear of cancer. He has transient synovitis – a virus in the hip.

April 3 – April 7 – LOW – Julia is sick – no one is sure what is wrong with her. Turns out she has Kawasaki’s disease (KD). She is hospitalized twice – doctors are disagreeing about whether or not she has KD. She finally gets KD treatment at hospital. A week later heart and blood tests show she did have KD.

April 7 – HIGH – leave Julia at hospital to get my ultrasound. Ultrasound shows healthy embryo with a heartbeat.

100_0807Late April – HIGH – we leave to go to Disney World on Nathan’s Make-A-Wish trip.

April – next day… LOW – Nathan’s hip pain is back with a vengence. He cannot walk. We enjoy the Magic Kingdom anyway.

May – HIGH – Everyone is feeling good. Julia’s heart is normal, Nathan’s hip is better. Pregnancy is going well. Enjoy a trip to Arizona to hang out with friends.

June early part – HIGH – Have a great trip to visit my parents in Hilton Head.

100_1049June 24 – LOW – Routine scans show Nathan’s cancer has returned.

June 28 – HIGH – ultrasound of baby shows all is well.

July 7 – HIGH – Nathan is scheduled for surgery on Aug 1 in NYC. We are releived to have him on the schedule with the best surgeon in the country for this and also intra-operative radiation

July 15 – LOW – Nathan’s surgery pushed back to Aug 31 – this means more chemo and a chance for cancer to spread while we wait

July 27 – LOW – Nathan’s surgery pushed back more to September 15. We are getting upset about the delays and the chance Nathan’s cancer will spread while we wait.

August 1 – HIGH – Nathan’s surgery rescheduled to Aug 3…off we go!

August 3 – HIGH – Nathan’s surgery is succesful. The entire tumor is removed and area irradiated.

August – HIGH – Nathan starts kindergarten and Julia starts preschool 100_1088100_1075

September – HIGH – My brother Jason gets married – we attend wedding in Grand Lake, CO

11-18 009November 16 – HIGH – Lauren Elizabeth Gentry makes her appearance into the world.

December – LOW – Nathan has his scans. The anticipation and possiblity of bad news is extremely stressful.

December 9 – HIGH – Nathan’s scans are all clear! He is NED once again.


So – it has been a bumpy ride – but I am glad I can say that the year has ended with a high!


One response to “Bye Bye 2005

  1. Here’s hoping the those highs and lows smooth out a little for 2006.

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